Accessing Contracts

You must be signed in to access teacher contracts.  They are located under NEWS tab under publications and reports.


Access to Executive Board Minutes

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Personal Day Buy-back

Current contract 2013-2015 has a personal day buy-back possibility for members that have not used much of their combined leave.  This is a benefit negotitated by your local, take advantage of the option if you can.  You must let district know by May 31, if you are buying back your unused time.  

1-Just a reminder about 'personal day buy back' in our contract:

According to Article IX Subd 9 of the 2013-15 teacher contract:


Angel Fund Opening Snack Shack for Sunrise Students


Introducing …The Snack Shack

Beginning: April 22nd

The Angel Fund is excited to help students be prepared for learning by providing snacks to students who are currently going without them and reducing the burden of staff who purchase snacks out of their own pockets.

What is the Angel Fund?